Once a week, the athletes receive a simple, seven-question survey that asks how they are feeling across key stressors that are known to impact their capacity to perform.

Their responses to these questions are returned to the coach completely anonymously. 

(If interested, you can refer to our “Privacy Matters” statement here.)


The anonymous survey results will be available on the coach’s dashboard. This will provide a snapshot of how the team is feeling across the different stressors. 

For each of the six stressors, the dashboard provides suggestions on how to address the results. Coaches also have access to their own personal HONE Consultant on a monthly basis who will also help advise on how to best support the team.  

Having this weekly report allows a real-time pulse on the team’s well-being and enables coaches to make necessary adjustments to the training plan.



An additional, overarching dashboard at the organizational level provides an overview for all of the teams and coaches. 

Viewing the trends across the organization allows one to hone in early on teams whose successes can be shared more widely to benefit others AND provide early signals for teams who may require additional supports.

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